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New Project

I have been asked to write a chapter for a book celebrating the centenary of the First World War. I have been reading letters from the front and from the home front. It is moving and disturbing. We are so fortunate to live in a time of relative peace in Canada.


Raven #2 Unveiling

The Raven #2 Unveiling got great coverage in the Banff Crag and Canyon. The unveiling of Raven #2, the public art installation on the back of Banff town Hall was an intimate fun, local event followed by a reception at the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies. Congratulations, Lynne!

Download (PDF, 7.42MB)

AFA Collection

I am currently working with Mary-Beth Laviolette on an assessment of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts collection. I am focusing on photography and historic art. It is a fascinating project. You can view the collection through

Public Art Installation

Today at noon I will be unveiling the new public art installation on the back of Banff’s town hall by Artist Lynne Huras.

Banff Public Art

Raven #2 by Lynne Huras, Public Art Installation, Banff, AB, 2013